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Step 4: Home Site Planning

Now that you’ve found the perfect home and the right property, the exciting part starts – preparing the site, installing your home, and the move-in!

Regional Homes of Hammond will be a great resource for this project; we will be there to help at every step in the process.

To start, we both need to CLEARLY understand who is performing what functions at every stage in the home site planning and home installation. We have put together a super handy Site Preparation Checklist that we can both utilizing – both as a starting point as well as a road map.

If you have property in mind that you think would be good for a Regional Homes of Hammond manufactured, modular or mobile home, there are some items you should consider before proceeding:

  • Placement of the home on the property – Will the site accommodate the home size selected?
  • Access to the site – Homes are delivered on heavy, oversized trucks, so road access is important.
  • Zoning, permits, development fees – Are there any regulations that would keep you from installing your home?
  • Utility location – Is there access to gas, electricity, water, sewer? If not a public sewer, space for a septic system?
  • Preparing the site – The land needs to be cleared, graded, and made ready to accommodate your new home.
  • What Happens On Your Home Site

    As your home is being built, preparation of the site will begin. A work crew will grade the site (if necessary), clear vegetation, and provide access to basic utilities. If a well or septic tank is necessary, timing must be carefully coordinated so they are available to connect to your home when it is delivered. This ensures that all utilities are available at the completion of construction and ready for the final inspection process.

    Proper Installation: The Key To A Durable, Long-Lasting Home

    Once your home is delivered, professionally trained installation personnel need to complete the home setup, connect your utilities, and arrange for any required inspections. The correct installation of your home is critical! Here’s where working with [store name] installation professionals and/or your own experienced, independent contractors really pays off. The final steps will vary by home model and the location where the home is installed.

    As part of the process, coordination with third-party vendors will be scheduled to install accessories such as awnings, porches, garages, and other outbuildings.

    Cleaning & Move-In Preparation

    When the installation work is done, your home will be thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed, and dusted. Unlike a site-built home, installation typically only takes a few weeks rather than months.

    Getting excited about your new home yet? Let’s talk about Moving In...